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Holistic, transformational healing and wholeness, because Black lives are worthy of being well.

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Part of our healing is reclaiming this truth, so we can live fully and authentically.   

The truth is we are powerful beyond measure and limitless in our potential.

For generations, we, as people of African descent, have internalized the lies of inferiority. As a result, this has negatively impacted how we see ourselves and our place in the world. Living in a system of white supremacy has caused us to guard our hearts, minds, and bodies to survive. The impact of this way of being has taken its toll on our souls. And we need a place to rest, restore, and reclaim our truth.

Offering a heart-centered, liberation-focused approach, we hold space for Black people who are ready for radical healing from the inside out


is our birthright.

We deeply believe that living and being well in a Black body                         

Our heart-centered healing practices recognize the need for tenderness and compassion in response to the wounds of racial trauma that have been passed down through generations.  

Because we emphasize individual and collective healing, our holistic offerings allow you to do your own work while also being connected to a community that cares deeply about your well-being. 

We aim to provide holistic, culturally competent, and trauma-informed care rooted in the belief that you already have everything you need to be well.

By holding space, we offer you the opportunity to return home --home to yourself– so that you can find healing.

Holding Space is your refuge for you to just be



We recognize that, as a people, we hold diverse beliefs around religion and spirituality. As such, Holding Space remains radically inclusive, holding space for all walks of faith and for those who are not spiritually inclined.
We believe that we are all connected to a Divine source greater than ourselves and that this energy flows through us and connects each one of us. As we tap into this Source, we touch our truth, expand our consciousness, and dismantle chains of oppression, which allows our Divine potential to unfold.  

For the spirit

Reset, revive, and relieve your physical being from unwanted stress and trauma through movement and treatment that supports not only what it looks like to be well but also what it feels like.

For the body

Let’s begin your journey to a renewed mind by dismantling thinking patterns that no longer serve you. We do this through mindfulness-based practices, African-centered psychology, and liberation psychology approaches.

For the mind

Whether you’re an individual seeking a safe space for a better quality of life or a corporation in search of diversity, equity, and inclusion training, Holding Space is here to support you.

Our Services


This has driven our mission and continues to highlight the importance of interconnectedness in all that we do at Holding Space. We sincerely believe in our collective impact on each other and understand the power of our collective healing. With your support, we can continue offering holistic services that make room for restoration and radical healing for ourselves and each other. Because the truth is…none of us are free until we all are free. Let us embark on the path of healing together.

"I am because you are.”

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our philosophy is rooted in the African principle of Ubuntu::

Become a part of the transformation


We are deeply committed to providing a safe space for Black souls to find refuge and engage in transformational healing. Our approach is heart-based, African-centered, and soulfully attuned.

Healing racial trauma requires loving, authentic, and nurturing hands to help restore Black humanity. If you know Black lives matter, recognize the connection between oppression and mental health, and want to help advance the liberatory movement for Black people, you align with Holding Space's values.

worthy of being well.

at Holding Space, We believe that Black lives are


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Collaborate for authentic healing and wellness



The manifestation of Holding Space is the blossoming of a seed that was planted generations ago. It is an answered prayer not just of Shacunda’s but of the ancestors and a gift to our descendants. Shacunda was divinely called to this vision and divinely chosen for it. Leaning into this vision has required an open heart, trust, courage and grit and she fully embodies each of these elements. 

Through lived experiences, dreams, prayers, and the soulful cries of the ancestors, Holding Space has been born. Heart centered and liberation focused, Holding Space dreams of a world where Black minds, bodies and souls are free. As we celebrate the birth of Holding Space we remain grateful to its founder and visionary, Dr. Shacunda Rodgers, for saying yes to this sacred call and the ripples of impact it is having for our past, present and future.

Shacunda has always felt a calling in her blood to be of service to others. Becoming a psychologist was a part of the call but she could still sense her spirit calling her towards something greater. She was being led to create a place of refuge for Black people. A space for Black people to enter into stillness and remember their inherent worthiness. A space for Black people to be held with compassion and tenderness. A space for Black people to let go and just be! A space for Black people to heal and to have their humanity honored and affirmed. 

Founder & Executive Director

Meet Dr. Shacunda Rodgers




“Dr. Shacunda has created a safe and transformative space for Black women to show up authentically. This community has been a powerful part of my healing journey. I feel seen, heard, and deeply valued in this space. In every session, I grow deeper in self-compassion, mindfulness, and connection to others. Finding a place to exhale in our world is rare, and this space has been that for me.”

"I feel seen, heard, and deeply valued in this space."

Kind words from others


Transforming oppressive narratives through a strength-based approach, utilizing mind-body therapies, contemplative practices, African-centered Psychology, and African-centered wisdom and spiritual traditions.
Identifying historical, intergenerational, intersectional sources of trauma to defy the lies of inferiority and connect to ancestral wisdom. 
Developing tools to soothe the nervous system & to build awareness on how oppression impacts the mind, body, and spirit. 

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