May the work we do today heal our entire lineage, including our ancestors of the past and our descendants of the future.  


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We offer partnerships for virtual and in-person health-related events, corporate and organizational training, seminars, workshops, podcast appearances, and media inquiries.

At Holding Space, we are an inclusive community of providers and healers who have dedicated our practices to intentionally supporting people of the African diaspora to be strong in mind, body, and spirit. We are about holding, nurturing, and cultivating personal and collective transformation and liberation opportunities. To that end, we want people invested in social justice, anti-oppression, and collaborative healing work. 


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You have the desire to center and amplify Black voices in understanding, creating space for, and tending to the needs of Black people 
You understand that there are a variety of pathways to healing and support holistic practices for the mind, body, and spirit
You are willing to have the necessary conversations related to dismantling racism and systemic forms of oppression, which may involve checking your own “blind spots” as it relates to privilege and benefit from these systems
You understand the significant harm that anti-Blackness has caused and are committed to healing its impact on the Black community 
You’re fully invested in Black wellness & thriving for the entire Black community

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Spreading the word about the liberatory movement for Black people is at our core and the center of everything we do.

Help us continue to use our voice and be a guiding light toward transformational healing. 

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Elevate your knowledge and stay in the know with provided resources that continue to help carve the path towards restoration and liberation for people of African descent.

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“May our healing also be collective, bringing light, joy, peace, and ease to our communities.”


For the Black community, Holding Space is a one-stop refuge and place of restoration for the mind, body, and spirit. As a collective of holistic health practitioners, we create space for wholeness and healing by offering a heart-centered and liberation-focused approach. This kind of care creates the conditions for empowerment and shifts the parameters around what it means to be healed, liberated, and transformed.

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